World Vegan Day with Little Blog of Vegan

It's Vegan Awareness Month Chicas!! It’s no secret that veganism has become more popular in the last year with many celebs and even some of our gorgeous Coconut Queens adjusting their lifestyle to a vegan or plant based diet. Despite the masses of health benefits that come with a vegan lifestyle, it’s also a step in the right direction in preventing animal cruelty and suffering.

‘If you love meat, you don’t love animals’ - Miley Cyrus­

With veganism frequently being stigmatised or misunderstood, us gals at Coconut Lane HQ wanted to help raise awareness of what it truly means to be Vegan. People sometimes mistake veganism for a strictly "fruit and veg only" diet, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Not only does a vegan diet have a natural tendency to aid weight loss, but studies show that heavily relying on fruit and veg can not only lower cholesterol but can prevent certain types of cancer... And for you gals that want to maintain a healthy glow and fabulous skin, research has shown that cutting out dairy eliminates many toxins that cause breakouts and acne.

As today is World Vegan Day, we’ve teamed up with our truly inspirational Queen, Holly Jade. You may know her better as The Little Blog of Vegan or Food blogger of the year 2017 – but this gal has inspired us to promote vegan awareness throughout November. We recently caught up with Holly to find out what inspired her to go vegan...

Holly: Why I became vegan?

There were two reasons why I became vegan. The first being my health. I had some horrible health issues which made me unwell and I had to look at my diet. Secondly, my cute mini tiger, Tiggs who's a grey tabby. He is my best friend and my world. He made me alot more compassion towards ALL animals. It made me think ‘How can I love him so much yet eat another animal ?! It makes no sense to me!!!

In aid of Vegan Awareness month, Holly has been baking up a treat with her Strawberry Marbled Doughnuts inspired by our NEW holographic marble pink phone case. Now as you gals know, we’re real foodies at CL and Holly’s blog inspires us daily with unique vegan recipes… so we thought it was only right to share some of our fave picks!! 

1. Strawberry Marble Doughnuts Recipe

How could we not start with these! Not only do they look incredible and taste delicious, but they are SO Instagrammable.

The ultimate pink treat and perfect for snacking on or sharing with your squad (if we have any left), Holly’s doughnuts are our current FAVE to bake! Decorated with a marble glaze and sprinkled in edible glitter, what gal could resist?!


2. The Best Avocado Toast Recipe

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, us gals are all about that avo life and Holly of course, has us covered with her avo on toast recipe!

Not only is this recipe vegan, but it’s also dairy, gluten and wheat free – say what? Avocado toast is all over social media right now and it’s not hard to see why! With so many nutritional benefits and perfect for producing the perfect flatlay (typical blogger), Holly’s recipe is perfect for gals in a hurry!


3. Vegan Soft Pizza Pretzels Recipe

What is life without a slice (or four) or pizza? Holly’s pretzel pizzas are a fab twist on this classic fave of ours and are of course 100% vegan.

For this recipe, instead of dairy cheese, Holly has used vegan cheese as an alternative and we can happily say that one pretzel is never enough...

Perfect for a Friday night with the gals.

4. Unicorn Cheesecake Recipe

Totally dreamy and delicious, Holly’s unicorn cheesecake recipe is pure magic! You gals know we are just obsessed with unicorns and when we saw this recipe we just had to give it ago.

Vegan, RAW, dairy, wheat and gluten free, this cheesecake is a foodies dream. Packed with nuts, coconuts and berry goodness, Holly’s creation is perfect as the centre piece of any Queen’s dinner party.


5. Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe

Coffee is life and us gals cannot power through emails without it – so you can imagine our excitement when we saw Holly’s iced coffee and protein shake recipe!

Super delicious and refreshing and perfect for giving you that jump start we all need on Monday morning! Holly’s recipe is easy to make, with very few ingredients. Of course dairy milk has been switched up for almond milk, which in our opinion tasted even better! 

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One obvious challenge of being a vegan is the struggle of eating out, but with veganism popularity on the rise, many restaurants are expanding their menus which is amazing. Whether you’re a vegan or not, Holly’s recipes are incredible and perfect for brunch with the gals, on the go snacking or sitting down for a family meal!

We are so proud of you Holly and you’re such an inspiration to us gals at Coconut Lane! #veganawareness