Tis The Season For A Summer Picnic

It’s time to wave goodbye to spring and say hello to summer gals!

Being the absolute sun worshippers that we are, we are SO excited for all things summer related and cannot wait to share them with you! We’re thinking parties, BBQ’s, road trips and of course, picnics!

With our love of picnics in mind, we thought we would share with you gals are top 6 essentials to throwing the perfect summer picnic. Whether that’s lounging around at the beach, setting up camp in your garden or simply going for a country walk and finding the perfect idyllic spot, we’ve got you covered...


1. Picnic Theme

Like any occasion, us gals think setting a theme is essential! Not only does it create a bigger sense of occasion but it’s perfect for creating a pretty and Instagrammable picnic vibe.

So where do we start? Being summer there are loads of themes you could go for. Some of our faves include tropical palms, bad ass PINK (obvs), and magical mermaids. But for our picnic, we’re opting for cute and girly! We’re talking lace bunting, pretty dresses and delicate and quaint snacks – how sophisticated! *hair flick.


2. Cheers to The Picnic

It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout summer – especially if you wanna get that summer glow - that drinking water is high on our priority list at any picnic. We’re not talking plain old water (that would be too adult like), we’re thinking fruit infused water! – Yum!

So grab yourself some cute mason jars and fill with ¾ water and the rest fill with all your fave fruits. Not only is it super delicious but it looks SO pretty.

Top tip: To make your picnic drinks look extra special, our Let’s Party Straws are perfect.


3. Summer Feast

Whether your prepping your picnic feast before hand or going for more of a bring your own style, we think classic picnic food is priceless!

Grab yourself a fresh baguette with all the trimmings; salad, dips and obvs ALL the avo and you’ve got yourself the perfect picnic sandwich. For you gals that are more the grazing type, why not have a few tubs of strawberries, veggie sticks and crisps.

Like any picnic you need paper plates....So how could we not give a huge shout out to our fabulous Unicorn Paper Plates!


4. Picnic Entertainment

No picnic or party is ever complete without a game right?

Being Queens we’re going one step further with our Mini Doughnut Pinata! Hung from a low tree branch, we think a piñata is the perfect choice for a summer picnic. Seriously pink and pretty and perfect for filling with all the sweetie goodness, your guests are sure to be impressed with your effort!


5. Summer #OOTD

Pretty dresses, ditsy prints and all the sassy ruffles, there’s nothing us gals love more than summer dressing! Of course the key to looking fabulous is being confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing - so, for us gals that means a loose summer dress with a cute pair of sandals.

Maxi wrap dresses are going to be huge this season and we already have our eye on a few! Paired with a gorgeous hat and a wicker bag, you’re gonna look like a total Insta babe.


6. Picnic Necessities

To ensure we have everything ready for our picnic, we like to write a list - because every gal loves a list. But we’re not talking about a list of food and drink, but a few Queen necessities!

  • Camera –Think of all the Insta Pics
  • Sunglasses – For slaying, and protecting our eyes
  • Sun Lotion – Because no one wants the red lobster look
  • Magazine – Reading in the sun is one of our fave things ever
  • Lipstick - PRIORITY




Written By Lizzie Robinson