As we say hello to 2022 we understand the "NEW YEAR NEW YOU" pressure can be a bit overwhelming. We want to take the pressure off setting goals and instead think about ways you can be kind to your mind and prioritise your mental health in the new year. So, here are our 5 steps towards January mindfulness.

1. Health

Prioritising both your mental and physical heath is essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Finding a positive way to talk to yourself can really help your sense of wellbeing - your inner narrative must be on your side!

Focusing on your physical health can be a great way to improve your mental health too. It doesn’t have to be about hitting the gym or lifting weights - find something that works for you and your body. Why not try a new fitness class such as yoga, pilates or spinning - buddy up with a friend for fun and to keep you both motivated!

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2. Self-care

Self-care is NOT selfish! In order to function at our best, we really need to make time to rest, replenish and regain our energy. Treat yourself to an evening of downtime with our Palm Pwr hair products at-least once a week as part of your self-care routine. Don’t forget to light a candle while you’re at it!

Take a few minutes at the start of each day to organise your thoughts and set some self-care goals. Not only will this give you structure and something to work towards, it will also allow you to think about how you can prioritise time to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. 

3. Routine

Get organised! This can take the form of simple daily rituals like list-making or maybe a planning session on a Sunday that could help you feel more in control of the week ahead. Use one of our desk planners to give you a kick start on getting your routine in check.

Getting necessary tasks out of the way can also help you find more time for healthy behaviours like exercise and leave you more time to enjoy fun activities and hobbies.


4. Set goals

Take the pressure off setting goals that are both unachievable and unenjoyable and instead focus on those that bring a smile to your face and make you tick. You can note down all your goals in one of our notebooks, this is a good way to help you keep on track and measure progress.

For example, setting a goal to try out a new hobby such as sport, reading, baking, painting etc is a great way to find a new activity that brings you joy and keeps you motivated.

5. Journalling

One of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to express yourself. This can be done in the form of journalling - noting down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for every morning in one of our notebooks. Scheduling in your self-care and positive moments will also help you carve out time and make them happen - key in the process of learning how to prioritise your mental health.

PS - we are running a number of self-care and mindful giveaways on our Instagram throughout January. Keep your eyes peeled on our feed to make sure you don’t miss out!