Seven Reasons Why You Should Start Using Vegan Beauty Products

Going vegan isn’t just a trend - it’s a lifestyle. It’s not just about cutting out meat and dairy - it’s about cutting out other animals products, including your beauty products that are formulated with animal ingredients.


Vegan beauty products contain no animal ingredients whatsoever and transitioning into vegan beauty is a lot easier than you might think:

  • You would need to use up and phase out non-vegan products from your collection.
  • You would need to research vegan beauty brands and products.
  • You’d have to read vegan beauty resources, such as vegan beauty blogs, articles and guides.
  • You’d have to switch to vegan beauty tools, such as vegan makeup brushes by Coconut Lane. Check them out here
  • Look out for the vegan logo when shopping for beauty products.

However, if you’re still wondering why you should start using vegan beauty products - as opposed to how to start using vegan beauty products - then you’re in luck! There are plenty of good reasons why you should transition to vegan beauty.

 Here are seven reasons why you should start using vegan beauty products.


1. You can avoid animal ingredients.

The main purpose of going vegan is to stop using animal products or items that have been formulated with animal ingredients. By going vegan, you’re doing your bit to abstain from the use of animals in human consumption.

2.You’re taking an additional step against animal testing.

Now, let’s be clear: vegan and cruelty-free don’t mean the same thing. If a product is cruelty-free, then it means that it’s not been testing on animals. However, many vegan beauty brands don’t test on animals and they prefer to take a cruelty-free stance.

3.It’s healthier for your skin.

Products that have been formulated with too many animal and chemical products are not good for the skin. But vegan (and organic) beauty products are gentle on the skin and they help to balance the skin out. Plus, vegan skincare often contains anti-aging properties.

4.Vegan products are often created with sustainable packaging.

Vegan beauty brands create their products’ packaging with recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet.

5.Vegan beauty products are affordable.

Some people think that shopping for ethical and eco-friendly beauty products are expensive and will leave a huge hole in your purse. But that’s not the case. Vegan beauty products are affordable and can be found in high street drugstores.

6.There’s a lot of choice.

When it comes to shopping for vegan beauty products, there are plenty of products and brands to choose from, from concealers and foundation to lipsticks and mascara. So take your pick - going vegan doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out. And if you are transitioning and you’re worried about not being able to use your favourite makeup item, then you can switch to vegan dupes.

7.Vegan beauty products are high-quality…

….and this means that you will be using the best of the best, giving you peace of mind.


Do you use vegan beauty products?


Chichi is a freelance beauty writer from London. She is the Founder and Editor of The Cosmetic Notebook, a cruelty-free, vegan and natural makeup blog.