Our New York Tourist Bucket List

Unless you've switched off from social media over the last few days, then like us your Instagram feed will have been totally spammed by New York Fashion Week. Although we've totally been lusting over ALL the pretty spring/summer trends for next year, we cant help but feel a little envious of those exploring the magical city right now!

So, in true Queen style, we thought it was only right to give a subtle nod to NYFW with 6 tourist hotspots that we're just dying to visit - (so actually, its totally unrelated, we just have a serious case of New York wanderlust)....


1. Friends Building

First up on our New York bucket list has obviously got to be the Friends building!

Located in Greenwich Village, the Friends building holds so many fabulous memories of our fave TV show. If your a true Queen, you'll totally agree that Friends if life, and a totally iconic hot spot in NY. 

Ps. How cute does @Zoella look 


2. Sex And The City

We swear this isn't going to be a TV location blog post, but seriously, how could we resist Carrie Bradshaw's New York apartment. Another iconic building, us gals are totally obsessed with Sex and The City...

With some seriously sassy outfits and bad ass attitude, we're all about living our best Carrie Bradshaw life! So, if your up for exploring Manhattans dating scene and indulging in all the cosmopolitans in your Manolo Blahnik's, then the East Village is for you! 

And who doesn't want to be in Carrie's squad?

How gorgeous does @talliia look


3.Top Of The Rock

With possibly one of the most incredible views of the city EVER, us gals are desperate to go to the Top Of The Rock.

With 70 floors and a 360 degree look at the city that never sleeps, we've been told the best time to go is at 8:30am - supposedly it's super quiet and perfect for capturing your Insta pics! 

@josieldn is giving us ALL the instapiration 


4. The Flatiron Building


Possibly one of the most incredible and unusual architectural wonders of New York is The Flatiron Building...

Located at 175th Avenue in Manhattan, the Flatiron building is one of the most photographed buildings in the world and it's not hard to see why! Bloggers and tourists are all over getting their snap outside this glorious build, and we're totally on board with doing the same!

@belowthesamesun is totally slaying 


5. Brooklyn Bridge

Come rain or shine, we're dreaming of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Another totally iconic build of New York City, we've seen it in almost every NY based film and we're totally lusting over seeing it for ourselves. If your like us and want to take your time ambling across, we've been told it takes about an hour! Perfect for working up a coffee appetite for the other side.

Plus, who doesn't want to look like a absolute babe like @kathleen.post


6. Time Square

Whether we're having our pic taken under those famous red steps, eating pretzels or getting spendy in Sephora, we're seriously in need of visiting Time Square.

The heart of the New York hustle and bustle, Time Square is an absolute array of magic, lights and that fuzzy New York feeling that we cannot wait to explore.

Loving how stunning @andreinavalderrama looks


Written By Lizzie Robinson