Our 4 New Year's Resolutions

We’re ten days into 2018 and us gals at CL HQ are yet to set ourselves any new year’s resolutions! Say what?! BUT it’s better late than never right?

If you gals are like us and are slightly behind, we’ve come up with our top 4 new year’s resolutions that will hopefully inspire you Queens! Now we’re not talking, new Year new me, as you gals are already SO fabulous, but small changes we can make to be even more fierce throughout 2018.


1. Don’t Give Up The Doughnuts

Whether you chicas have already started dry January or have jumped on the healthy eating banned wagon, January 1st tends to be the day we all set unrealistic health goals. An all kale diet, smoothies only or a no carbs diet, are not what us gals are about...

We’re about balance, treating yourself and having that second cookie if you want it. However, with that in mind, it wouldn’t be a new years resolution if we kept up the same mentality...SO gals, we’re opting for the ‘healthier’ option of office treats! OBVS we’re still going to be eating all the doughnuts, but why not whip up your own batch of vegan goodness...gluten and dairy free are small, effective and easy changes to be a little bit healthier this year.

For total food inspo, check out The Little Blog of Vegan and her amazing Strawberry Doughnuts - Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Wheat-free, Egg-free and totally delicious. 


2. Planning Like A Total #GirlBoss

Us gals couldn't go a day in the office without writing about 20 different lists, all of which get lost or muddled up in ALL the paperwork.

This year we're all about being more organised and being an even bigger #GirlBoss and for us, this starts with lists (that don't get lost). Start by getting yourself a fabulous notebook or planner and divide in to sections. This could be daily, weekly or even monthly, however you gals prefer. Set realistic goals for the day and in order of what needs to be achieved first. Avoid procrastinating and browsing online (guilty) and keep on track of each job. Us gals at CL know how busy you Queens are and we think organisation via lists is key to keeping you Chicas on top of your blogging game and ensuring a stress free 2018.

PS. How cute is our Girl Boss Notebook


3. A Little More Queen Time

2017 was an incredible year for us gals  and we are SO proud of all our Queens and their hard work. But here at CL HQ we know that although being your own boss is totally fabulous, such hectic schedules leave little time for yourself...

We know that this applies to SO many of our Queens and we believe that this year should be about working hard, but OBVS playing harder (yep, we said it)...Whether that means an evening of pampering, a night out with the gals, of simply chilling and catching up on Youtube, having a little more 'me' time, will not only make you feel fabulous, but will make you feel refreshed and ready to smash the next day! 

Where possible, put the tech down and spend the evening away from social media to let those busy minds unwind and relax! 


4. Be Kind, Be Fierce, Be a Total Boss Babe

We're all guilty of a little self doubt and comparison right? Not this year gals! We want to make 2018 the year of believing in ourselves and pushing ourselves to be the best and most fabulous gal EVER!

Here at CL, us gals believe no dream is too big and anything you gals want to achieve is possible. Of course this is sometimes easier said than done, but staying focused on your goal and remembering your a total girl boss who can conquer the world, is key to a fabulous new year!

No more self comparison, no more negativity and no more self doubt - only positive vibes from here on out! 


Written By Lizzie Robinson