Our 3 fave cosy Autumnal treats

It's official huns, autumn is here - and we literally couldn't be more excited.

Apart from the fact we've been totally over indulging in all the Pumpkin Spiced lattes and racking up our snuggly coat wish list on ASOS, we've been absolutely loving cosy nights in...and because we know you gals are like us and love nothing more than reaching for the cookie jar in the evening, we thought we would share with you our 3 go to, autumnal treats....

PS, if you have any other faves, we'd love to know!!!


1. Cosy Hot Chocolates

We couldn't do an autumn snacks blog post without mentioning a hot chocolate now could we!

A firm fave with us gals at CL HQ and probably every Queen, we cannot get enough with filling our fave mug with all the chocolately goodness. Of course we go OTT and smother ours in marshmallows, a cinnamon stick and chocolate cubes on the side, but of course you could keep it totally simple with some whipped cream.

For us, a cosy night is nothing without our hot chocolate in hand!


2. Seasonal Cookies

We know you Queens adore cookies just as much as we do so it seemed wrong not to give them a shout out!

Depending on your preference, throughout autumn we love opting for seasonal flavours in a cookie. Don't get us wrong, chocolate chip will always be our fave, but right now we're living for pumpkin and cinnamon flavours...If your feeling adventurous, you can simply follow a basic cookie recipe and add the extra flavours or spices in to the mix, but if you feeling lazy, shop bought is still delicious. 

To be totally extra, cutting out your cookies into seasonal shapes is a fab idea and looks SO cute when decorated.


3. Sipping On Baileys

 If you huns aren't 18, look away!

For a truly luxurious and totally indulgent treat, we're literally obsessed with these Baileys ice cream bowls! Totally extra, but they are perfect for enjoying after a long and tiring day of being a Queen!

To make, simply crush your fave biscuits (Oreo's work amazingly) and put at the bottom of your bowl or glass. Then get some vanilla ice cream and mix in a generous amount of Baileys. Put a layer of ice cream on the top and repeat these two ingredients until your satisfied with the amount. Lastly, top with whipped cream and a sprinkling of grated chocolate....voila!


Written By Lizzie Robinson