Love Island Squad Goals

Like most gals, between 9-10pm our phones are muted and a cocktail is made.....why? Because it’s time for LOVE ISLAND! If you’re not spending every night watching Love Island, what are you even doing with your life?

An absolute must in every Queens life and a true addiction, us gals are loving this year’s LI more than EVER! The drama, the eye candy and the absolute squad goals, we just can’t get enough!

Not only have we broadened our vocabulary, (cracking on) and been given all the style inspo, but we’ve decided that there’s some serious girl bosses in there that we seriously need in our squad...


1. Dani

Where do we even start with this beautiful gal?

Not only has she captured the hearts of all our Queens (and the entire nation), but her love for her friends and cheese toasties means she’s our kinda gal!

A truly kind hearted girl boss with some seriously fabulous one liners, we’re routing for Jack and Dani to win the show!



2. Georgia

Now this chica may have had a rough few days in the villa, and her loyalty potentially questionable, but we still adore Georgia!

The youngest girl in the villa, we’re loving her strong boss babe attitude and sassy ways and we are just SO proud of how she handled being pied off by Josh.

And let’s face it gals, with hair that fabulous, she’s our absolute Love Island style icon.


3. Laura

So fierce, so sassy and seriously knows how to slay a one-piece, how can you not love Laura!

Yes she may have a slight attitude, but when you’re in there to find love and your BFF is kissing you’re man, you need one!

As the eldest contestant we’re routing for Laura to find love and her happy ending with one seriously good looking hunk. Could it be Jack?


Who would you choose to be in your squad?