January Blogger Spotlight. Special Edition.

Not only are we in 2018 gals but this months blogger spotlight, we are bringing you not five, but seven Queens! 2017 has been an incredible year for us gals at CL and we are just so proud of ALL our Queens and their fabulous content they have produced throughout the year!

Of course we want to mention all our Queens, but these 7 gals have really stood out to us and we are just so proud of all their hard work and girl boss attitude! 


1. Stacey Hutton

As you gals know, 2017 was the launch of our seriously fabulous sunglasses. Not only was this super exciting for CL, but you gals loved them which made us SO happy!

With those sunnies in mind, our first gal who deserves a huge shout out is the gorgeous Stacey Hutton.  An absolute dream to work with, Stacey blew us away with her incredible sunglasses shoot that showcased our entire range. Obvs Stacey slayed in every pair and we are so proud to call her a Coconut Queen!

For all the style and bad ass outfits, make sure you check out Stacey’s Insta.


2. Fashion Mumblr

One of our newest gals to join our CL Queens is Fashion Mumblr, aka Josie. Not only is Josie absolutely stunning with a wardrobe to die for, but she is one serious girl boss! Her blog is totally chic and flawless and an absolute joy to scroll through and we are so inspired by her passion for her Youtube channel. With seriously classy and feminine style, Josie is our go to for all the classic and on trend style and fashion advice.

If you haven’t already, check out Josie’s channel here.


3. Naomi Victoria

You gals know how much we adore Naomi and her fab YouTube channel that OBVS we had to mention how fabulous she is! For the second season, Naomi has been the gorgeous model for our CL sweatshirts and has produced some gorgeous imagery! Totally slaying in every sweatshirt, we’re obsessed with the doughnut theme (obvs) and so proud to have her as our model!

Juggling blogging, YouTube and uni, Naomi is totally killing it right now. A total babe, we have so much love for her and cannot wait to see what content she produces throughout 2018.

Check out Naomi's channel here.


4. The Little Blog Of Vegan

The gorgeous Holly from the little blog of vegan, has been a fabulous Queen to work with throughout 2017 and is a total inspiration to us gals! We are so proud to have collaborated with Holly throughout Vegan awareness month and we are constantly blown away by her creativity and passion for her food blog.

Check out Holly's fab recipes here.


5. Sophie Louise

Where do we even begin with this gal?! A total babe, girl boss and Youtube sensation, we cannot get enough of Sophie Louise! An absolute dream to work with, us gals are so proud of Sophie and her incredible content.

From fabulous hauls, to the dreamiest makeup looks, we know you gals will love Sophie as much as we do!

Check out Sophie’s YouTube channel here.


6. Hannah Austyn

Whether we’re lusting over her style or swooning over her CL promo pics, we absolutely adore Hannah and her fabulous Instagram. With serious style, this gal is total goals and we are so proud to call her a Coconut Queen!

Check out Hannah’s Insta here.


7. Oh So Femme 

This gal is not only a serious boss babe but the first Queen of 2017 to be interviewed by CL! Our new series of Blogger Interviews was something us gals were super excited about and we couldn’t wait to get all the inspo from Ashlee.

Oh So Femme is so gorgeous and so inspiring to us gals. With a forever growing channel, Ashlee is total babe and has some seriously bad ass style! We predict huge things for this gal throughout 2018 and we cannot wait to see what the year brings for her.

Check out Oh So Femme’s Insta.


Written By Lizzie Robinson