This week is VERY exciting and special as it marks the launch of our brand new sister brand - Coconut Lane The Label!

The boujee older sister to Coconut Lane, Coconut Lane The Label is here to complete all of golden jewellery and matching clothing dreams! Think timeless chic styles and luxe waterproof gold jewellery - what more could you possibly ask for?!

We wanted to give you the low-down behind the story of The Label and the products it has to offer - so, here it is! Trust us, by the end of this blog, you’ll know Coconut Lane The Label like the back of your hand…



In 2015 best friends Jess and Charlie founded Coconut Lane in Charlie’s spare room with no investment or business plan. Their core message was simple - to create matching Instagrammable products which their customers would love! But more importantly, they wanted to create a platform which would help motivate and inspire women, and a community which could be used to spread positivity and kindness. 

Fast forward 5 years, following the growth of Coconut Lane and the successful launch of CL’s activewear range, ’Cocogym’, back in February, Jess and Charlie realised that people wanted more - more clothes, more jewellery, more EVERYTHING!  So, Coconut Lane The Label was born with the aim to create timeless pieces which were versatile, Insta-worthy and most importantly, made customers feel good.


Coconut Lane Co-founders Jess and Charlie



When Jess and Charlie decided to launch jewellery on The Label they made a commitment to high quality “life proof” jewellery. Like many of us, they were sick of high street jewellery which tarnished after a few weeks and left fingers looking a funny shade of green. 

Coconut Lane The Label Jewellery

Following a lot of research they found an amazing supplier, Judy, who offered stainless steel jewellery with specialist PVD coating which means that the jewellery won't fade, tarnish or go green. That’s right, huns, you can SWIM, SUNBATHE, SHOWER and SWEAT in CLTL jewellery and the quality will remain the same!

Coconut Lane Jewellery Guarantee

What’s more PVD is also an environmentally friendly process - so you can rest assured that no nasties are being put out into our planet. Staying a golden goddess has never been more simple nor felt so good!


The Label’s matching sets come in three chic CL prints, yes, we know what you’re all thinking - you CAN match your sets with your CL tech accessories - winning! Available in a curve range too, The Label is proud to offer an inclusive clothing range to suit all the beautifully different body shapes out there. 

Coconut Lane The Label Matching Clothing


The Label’s midi skirt are multiway too meaning that they can be worn as a dress or matching co-ord. Being an outfit repeater has never looked so trendy! 


Coconut Lane The Label Stay Wild Set

Coconut Lane The Label Monochrome Spots Set

You can check out our website for The Label here. So, that’s the story behind the launch of Coconut Lane The Label! We hope that you love it just as much as we do. This is just the start, huns…