Inside A Queens Autumnal Make Up Bag

Us gals LOVE overhauling our entire makeup bag and adding new products to our daily essentials...right now we’re all about those autumnal colours and slaying in a berry lip! As we know you gals love your makeup us much as we do, we thought we would share with you what’s inside our autumn makeup bag this season. Whether you like a more subtle approach or you love to go all out for the season, us gals have it covered!


1. All About That Bronze

Just because it’s autumn gals, doesn’t mean we can’t look golden and bronzed right? Perfect for complimenting that berry lip, we’re all about that goddess like glow. For a more natural colour, we think a matte bronzer is your BFF – somewhat subtle and perfectly wearable for a daytime look. However, for you gals that LOVE that dewy bronze, a shimmer bronzer is fabulous!


2. Oh So Chic Brows

A rule us Queens live by is to never leave the house without our brows! As it’s autumn we thought we would change it up. No we're not talking a complete brow overhaul, but a subtle change in product and definition!

Right now us gals are obsessed with a bushy, more natural brow compared to our usual, strong and defined look. To keep those brows looking tame but fierce, a brow pencil and powder is perfect. Super soft and natural and ideal for that ‘model off duty’ look.  Of course if this is your usual looks gals, go to the opposite way and use a wax or gel to create a more defined and badass style!


3. Eyes All A Glow

Possibly the most exciting part of a Queens autumn makeup bag is swapping over the eye shadow palettes! Throughout summer us gals were loving our pastel pink shimmers and cooler toned nudes....but right now Chicas, we’re all about those burgundies, burnt oranges and dark browns!

For those ultimate autumnal vibes were obsessed with wearing a rich velvety brown through the crease of our eye, beautifully blended in to a deep burgundy and finished off with a luxury golden shimmer! #goals


4. Berry Kisses


The perfect way to tie any look together is with a bold lip and as its autumn, we’re all over those berry tones and deep maroons. To totally slay in your autumn makeup we think a matte burgundy is a FAB way of complimenting your outfit and looking super chic and on trend!

But for you gals who love your gloss, a rich brown or dark nude is amazing and perfect for an evening look!


5. Autumn Nails

No look is ever complete without perfect nails and autumn is no exception! For the ultimate mani, burgundies, deep reds and glitters are perfect. Of course one colour all over is super chic and simple, but us gals are all about mixing it up and going for something slightly OTT and chic!


Written By Lizzie Robinson