How To Update Your Babe Cave With CL

Whether you've had a stressful day being an ultimate boss babe or you just want a lazy bed day, here at CL us gals understand how important it is for our Queens to go home at the end of the day to an absolute haven of relaxation and zen. 

With many of your blogging babes working from home, we think it's vital your room is the perfect sanctuary to unwind and chill...So with than in mind, we've put together 4 ways to transform your space from bland and boring the the ultimate babe cave...


1. Cosy Cushions

If your anything like us, the first thing when you do when you get home (other than going to the fridge) is face planting your bed, then your gonna need a comfy landing! Covering your bed in ALL the cosy cushion is the perfect solution. 

A change of duvet or cushion covers can really transform the vibe of your room and instantly give you a new and refreshed look. And because we're all about balance at CL, we're loving our Sleep All Day and Dance All Night Cushions .

Gorgeous pic by @milleaakerlund


2. Wall Art Motivation

Who wants plain and drab walls when you can have inspirational and sass filled quotes wall art?

Not only does wall art look truly fabulous, but it's the perfect way to add some personal touches and life to your room. Whether you've had a bad day or your just in need of some inspiration and motivation, our CL Wall Art is perfect for our huns bedroom havens...

If your going for a super chilled bedroom vibe, we think pinning pics to the wall looks amazing (obvs ask permission), but if your going for a more sophisticated and chic look, rose gold frames look incredible!

Gorgeous pic by @jemimaplume


3. Faux Fur Sass

Whether you've made yourself a cosy corner or are in need of something totally OTT and extra, our latest CL homeware addition is perfect!

Essential for giving your space that extra sass our Faux Fur Sassy Stool is the perfect addition to any Queens room...For the ultimate girl boss space, we think using the stool as your desk chair is perfect, but if you think it's to pretty to sit on, it makes the perfect bedroom corner feature!

Which one will you choose huns? Pink, black or white?


4. Insta Interior Ready

Because we know you gals are all about perfecting your Insta pics, why not add a little Letter Board Sass to your room?

Perfect for having on your bedside table or placed on your desk, we think letter boards are a fabulous way of adding colour, sass and a personal touch. For a seriosuly girly vibe, our Pink Sass Board is perfect, but if your going for a more chic and monochrome vibe, our Black Sass Board is for you.

PS. If your placing on your desk, a cute cactus or plant by it's side looks super cute!


Written By Lizzie Robinson