How To Smash Monday Like A Boss

t's here again already. That dreaded day that means the weekends over. The day that has us waking up needing the strongest coffee ever....hello Monday!

Here at CL HQ, we're so over that negative connotation of Monday and we think you gals should be to. Whether you had a bad last week, a crappy weekend or generally just in need of a little Monday motivation, we want to change your negative opinion of Monday and make it a day to look forward to...

So chicas, here's our top 4 ways to smash Monday like an absolute boss!


1.Get Up and Go

Trust us gals, we know how hard it is to get up on a Monday morning - seriously, the struggle is real...

But with that in mind, we know how to get our butts in gear and start our morning off the right way. For us, that starts with a huge glass of icy water - feel fabulous on the inside, look fabulous on the outside - followed by coffee. We then try super hard to stay away from social media for the first hour of being awake so we have a nice clear mind for the rest of the day...This hour can be replaced with us meditating, a run or even some Love Island catch up!

Also, try not to rush. Wake up at a time that doesn't have you feeling exhausted but allows you plenty of time so you don't have to spend the morning rushing around.

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2. Fresh Start, Fresh Mind, Fresh Goals

If your like us and all about setting yourself goals but sometimes struggle to keep on track of achieving them, we think Monday is the perfect day for a fresh start. A complete do over of last week and the perfect time to take on your dreams like a boss!

So for us, come Monday morning in the office, the first thing we like to do is make a list. One for things to achieve by the end of the day, and a separate one for us to do by the end of the week. Not only does it make everything look a little more manageable, but it makes you feel all fuzzy and fabulous inside when you tick one off!


3. Be Positive

This one is SO simple but SO important gals.

Be positive! Yes we know it's not always so simple, but if you get yourself straight into a mindset that your going to have a bad day or even a bad week, then yes, you probably will.

Believe in yourself and how fabulous you are. Your dreams have no limits and Monday is the perfect time to follow them!


4. Monday Night Cocktails

Who said cocktails are just for Friday night and the weekend?!

We think it's super important to have something to look forward to after work on Monday. Whether that's going for dinner, seeing the gals or drinking all the cocktails, planning something fabulous for the evening is perfect for keeping you excited and motivated throughout the day!


Written By Lizzie Robinson