How to be a Mermaid

Mermaids are complete goals… sun kissed skin, silky locks, a sparkling tail and not to mention a SHELL BRA - where can we sign up?! Although you may not have the ability to grow a tail, or sing like Ariel under water - you can still feel every inch an ocean queen with our gorgeous mermaid-themed accessories. Here’s our list of instructions on how to make your life mermaid-FABULOUS.


One of the best things about being a mermaid is naturally flowing, flawless hair. Follow these steps to create a ‘do worthy of the attention of Prince Eric.

  • Grow your hair super, super long - you’ll need as much as you can to flow behind you as you swim around Atlantis.
  • Sleep in the biggest hair rollers you can find, creating the most amazing waves come the morning - So you can totally say ‘I woke up like this’! #flawless
  • Mix some salt and glitter into a bottle of water to create a ready-made mermaid rinse - then let your hair dry naturally. WAVES FOR DAYS.
  • Don’t be afraid to even sprinkle a little glitter-sand by your roots - how can you be a MerQueen without a little sparkle?! Add a starfish for extra effect.


Glowing skin is KEY to being a mermaid. Catch all the Mermen’s glances with these simple steps to take you from flat to fabulous!

  • Keep your skin hydrated. Although your surrounded by water 24/7, you still need that H20 glow! Look for a moisturiser that keeps your skin peachy all day, and locks in your skins natural moisture.
  • Say yes to SPF! All those sun rays are even stronger underwater -make sure you put sunscreen everywhere the sun will catch and regularly re-apply!
  • Highlighting is a must - even though your tail won’t reflect the sunlight, your cheekbones sure will! If you want to go all out, why not crush some pearls for the perfect glow powder.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - make sure your make up is waterproof. Don’t want any mascara marks on those glowing cheeks!


Your place has to be fit for a MerQueen, and we know just how to turn it into your own underwater palace.

  • Shells. Errrrrywhere. Literally, use them for everything -  holding your soap by the sink and storing your rings (especially our Starfish Ring! Every Mermaid needs a pet starfish). You can also use them to hear the ocean - way cool. 
  • If you can’t live underwater, paint your walls blue, and use a bedazzled treasure trunk for your shoes. Don't forget out sassy Wall Art Prints - especially our Mermaid piece to get your walls beachy beautiful!


Accessorising is EVERYTHING - and thats no different when channeling your inner mermaid. 

  • If a clam phone doesn't allow you to upload all your underwater instas, how about our gorgeous Mermaid Phone Case to get the vibes right?!
  • Clam bags are all the rage somewhere along the mid-atlantic, but look for any bags that shimmer, or have pearl detailing.
  • PEARLS. Werk them like you swam down and plucked them out of the pearls all by yourself. #IndependentMerwoman 

Follow these steps and your well on your way to being the sassiest, classiest and bad-assiest mermaid around!