A Gals Guide To 5 Simple Hairstyles

Summers approaching, the weathers getting warmer, and our tans are appearing! What more could a Queen ask for?....Erm fabulous hair!

Because the first rule of being a Queen starts with being sassy, we need our hair to always be on point! Who’s with us? But, with such hectic schedules, how is a gal supposed to perfect her hairstyle everyday?

We know you gals will feel the struggle, so we’ve put together our top 5 easy hairstyles that take no time at all and will guarantee you slay all day, every day!


1. Sleek and Chic Pony Tail

Perfect for meetings, events and drinks with the gals, we’re totally obsessing over sleek back ponytails. So effective and easy to achieve, we’re loving this look for summer.

To create this look, straighten out any waves and kinks in your hair and lightly spray with hair spray. Gently brush your hair back and tie it tightly at the nape of your neck. To tame any flyaways, spray a small amount of hair spray onto your hands and carefully run across your hair to smooth and perfect.


2. Cute and Chilled Braids

For all the laid back vibes, we’re loving braids! SO cute and simple and perfect for slaying those boho vibes!

We think braids are going to be huge this summer, so whether you opt for a simple French, Dutch or fishtail braid, we think the looser the better. To add texture to your look, use dry shampoo or mousse for extra volume.

If you have some extra time and want to add some interest and texture, hair hoops look amazing.


3. Top Knots

So chic and on trend, top knots are perfect for slaying that bad ass vibe!

Whether you’re hiding third day old hair or you want a twist on a classic messy bun, this half up half down look is gorgeous and SO achievable.

To create this look, simply part your hair just above your ears and messily scrape up on to the top or your head and tie with a bobble. Depending on whether you want a tidy or messy look, now would be the time to flatten any flyaway’s or loosen to create a chilled look. Now you’ve down that, wrap the pony tail around and tie with a second bobble.....and voila! If you want to shape your messy bun, use pins to create your desired effect.


4. That’s a Wrap

So pretty and perfect for turning a bad hair day into a fabulous one, we think hair bands are amazing!

Whether you’re going for the ultimate beach babe look or just adding a chic twist to a simple hair style, our fave way to wear them has got to be with a low messy bun, or with a high pony. Obvs depending on your outfit, patterned hair bands are adorable and totally Instagrammable for you beauty bloggers!


5. Straw Hat Chic

We’ve said it before gals and we’ll say it again....we LOVE ourselves a straw hat!

Perfect for summer, totally chic and ideal for that put together look, what’s not to love. Whether you opt for loose waves or a low bun, a straw hat is ideal for slaying those summer vibes!


Written By Lizzie Robinson