7 ways to get in the Christmas spirit

With December literally just around the corner, the Christmas season is finally upon us and us gals are jumping for joy (literally). We’re already playing our fave Christmas tunes and snuggling up in Christmas jumpers that we thought it was about time you gals were to!

Us gals at CL need no convincing that now is the perfect time to get into the festive spirit, but for you Queens that do, we’ve put together our top seven ways to get in to the festive spirit this season....


1. Festive Baking

Here at CL us gals are real foodies and festive baking is something we look forward to every year! Whether we’re indulging in Christmas puddings, mince pies or soaking up all those Christmas flavours, we cannot wait to get ourselves in the kitchen!

This year we’re starting our Christmas baking fest with some super cute Christmas macaroons. Obvs we had to choose these, their our FAVE! With that in mind we thought a Christmas twist in the style of Santa macaroons was perfect. So cute and adorable, they are perfect for Christmas parties, cosy nights in or just a little snack to accompany a cup of tea...


2. Building Gingerbread Castles

Would this even be a Christmas blog post if we didn’t mention ginger bread houses! Although slightly cheating, us gals like to buy Gingerbread making kits (skips the hard part) so we can get straight into decorating!

Being Queens, we’ve of course decided to make ginger bread castles instead of houses, but both are equally as fabulous. Gather up all your fave sweets and decorations and turn your gingerbread castle into something sassy and amazing.

Top tip: Remember to decorate your gingerbread house on a movable surface, such as a large serving plate! There’s nothing worse than picking up your masterpiece to move it, and it falls apart!


3. Ice Peaks and Hot Chocolate

Whether you’ve grabbed a fudge hot chocolate from Starbucks (yum) or your making one at home, a delicious hot chocolate is our go to for feeling Christmassy!

Remember gals, Christmas is a time for indulging so go OTT with the whip and add as many marshmallows as you like! Here at CL we love to treat ourselves to a new festive mug each year and top our hot chocolates with tiny ginger bread houses and candy canes! SO cute and SO Instagrammable!


4. Movie Night and PJ’s

There’s nothing more cosy and festive than having a Christmas movie marathon! We’ve waited an entire year to watch Home Alone, so vegging out with a Christmas film sounds perfect to us!

Getting the girls round so you can enjoy a Christmas rom com (The Holiday OBVS) or watching a festive favourite with your family is the perfect way to get you feeling festive!

Leading on from a movie night, you cannot get cosy unless you’re wearing Christmas pyjamas! A more subtle way to ease yourself into the festive spirit is with a super cute pair of seasonal pj’s....obvs us gals go all out with a full set, but a subtle chrimbo print on your pj bottoms is ideal! Pair with some snugly socks and a dressing gown, you’re sure to be feeling festive in no time.


5. Getting Crafty

There’s something about this time of year that has us gals feeling super creative and crafty. Whether its all the glittery tinsel or pretty baul bauls, us gals can’t get enough of making Christmas decorations...

This year we’re making Christmas wreaths! So festive and perfect for making with the gals, we’re loving white and silver wreaths! Super chic and elegant we love buying mini decorations and foliage to decorate ours. So simple to make and at a very small cost (perfect for every Queens budget), wreaths are ideal for adding a touch or Christmas sparkle to your home.


6. Traditional Markets

With so many Christmas markets already up and running, it’s hard to resist browsing the gorgeous stalls! With such a fabulous Christmassy atmosphere, us gals think attending a Christmas market is a MUST for soaking up all that Christmas spirit and enjoying all those Christmas goodies – yes, we’re talking mulled wine and hot dogs!

Usually free to enter and with late closing times, there is always time for a Queen to fit this into her busy schedule.


7. Skating in to Christmas

Although we might not look as elegant in reality as we had hoped, ice skating is a favourite of ours! It’s just so magical and there’s nothing us gals love more than the fun and laughter of trying not to fall over!

Perfect for snuggling up in your faux fur coats and bobble hats and enjoying with the squad, ice rinks tends to be in most cities (usually close to the Christmas markets)...Us gals would recommend ice skating at the National History Museum in London (if you can), it’s so incredible to see and truly spectacular if you manage to get on the rink!



Written By Lizzie Robinson