6 Essentials To A Fabulous Summer Vacay

With summer fast approaching, us gals at CL are getting so excited for holiday season already! Obvs we’re still working on that beach bod, but we literally cannot wait to lounge in the sun, (covered in SPF of course), drinking cocktails and taking all those Insta pics. We know it's early, but these things need planning in advance right?

Being the absolute boss babes that you are, us gals think you Queens deserve a break! So, we’ve put together what we think our 6 essentials in planning the perfect getaway! We’re talking outfits, activities and all that quality squad time...


1.Feeling Those Beach Vibes

Assuming you're total sun worshippers like us, choosing the perfect sunny location is vital! Whether you gals want a party holiday filled with cocktails and glitter OR your planning on soaking up all the rays and relaxing, doing your vacay research is key!

Us gals are all about relaxing by the pool with a Pina Colada in hand and therefore a tropical location is on the top of our list. Of course the Maldives is our dream, but like every gal, we have to think about a budget, *sigh. 

With that in mind, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam are all fabulous, more affordable options that not only have so much culture for you adventurers, but have the most idyllic beaches – yes gals!


2. Squad Goals

Us gals believe there’s nothing quite like going on vacay with your squad!

Not only is it the perfect way to spend quality time with your BFF’s but it’s a fabulous way to build memories. So whether your taking group selfies, sharing outfits or indulging in all the gossip, gathering up your gals this summer is essential!

For all you girl bosses who are addicted to work, why not get your gals to help you with some inspirational travel blog posts! We're thinking destination musts, where to eat or travel outfits!


3. Killer Style

One of the best parts of any holiday is the holiday shopping!

New dresses, sassy bikinis and bad ass sunnies, we’re all about pre holiday splurging. Being the Queens that we are, slaying all day, every day is essential, so depending on your destination choose your outfits wisely...For us, our go to look has got to be a summer dress over a cute bikini. Paired with a gorgeous sun hat and sunglasses, you gals are sure to have all eyes on you. Our Tokyo Sunglasses are fabulous if you want to look totally chic and sophisticated. 

Baring in mind, due to cultures you may need to cover up so cute kaftans are a must!


4. All In The Accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories right?

Whether your taking sassy pics by the pool or heading out for sunset cocktails, accessories can totally elevate your outfit.

For that classic boho look, our Shell Choker is perfect and totally essential for looking like a beach goddess! But, if your going for that total beach babe look, our Gold Coin Body Chain is ideal! So glam yet super cute and chilled! 


5. Travel Check List 

If you gals only take one of our vacay essentials away with you, make sure it's this one!

A travel checklist is key! Not only will it remind you of all the things you need to pack, but it relieves all the stress and last minute worry.

For us, writing a suitcase list and hand luggage list is ideal and works like a charm. Ensure all your travel documents are safely together and in order of when you'll need them...To keep your passport safe, our new Travel Sets are perfect! How cute is our Palm Travel Set.


Happy holidays huns! 


Written By Lizzie Robinson