4 Unique Ways Of Decorating Your Pumpkin

Happy Halloween gals!! With our seasonal content in full flow, we thought it was only right to do an entire post dedicated to the most iconic Halloween item ever....Pumpkins!

We thought, instead of just giving you all the pumpkin carving inspo, we would go one step further and suggest 4 ways of using your pumpkins in the most prettiest and decorative way possible. So, whether you're decorating for a party or simply making your home cosy and seasonal, keep on reading...


1. Sleepy Pumpkin

Up first we've got the most adorable sleepy decorative pumpkin.

Perfect for accessorising your room or desk space, this little cutie is SO easy to make. All you need is a pumpkin and some paint - personally we think the smaller the better but it's entirely up to you.

To prevent making a mess in your haven, lay down some old sheets or newspaper. Then carefully (ensuring you've bought suitable paint), cover your pumpkin in a thin layer of paint and leave to dry. Continue this until your pumpkin is your desired shade and no orange is peeking through. Once the main part of your pumpkin is dry, carefully paint the stork. We think going for something metallic looks amazing...

Now, it's time for the face. Of course this is the perfect time to go all our, but for ours, we want to keep it chic and simple with fluttery eye lashes.


2. Tiny Planters

If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen, then we don't know what is!

Perfect for you gals that love a natural and earthy home decor, these little pumpkins are perfect for popping on a shelf and the ideal way to give a subtle nod to Halloween without going OTT.

To make, simply repeat the painting steps from the above pumpkin. Then carefully drill two holes on each side of the top of your pumpkin. Then carefully place in your greenery, (for this, we would recommend using a plant with a thicker stem as it will hold itself upright instead of drooping).

Now although we adore this idea, we think cutting off the top of the pumpkin and scooping out the inside as though you were going to carve it, and making space for soil is a fab idea. That way you can plant either a cactus of small aloe vera and keep it watered!


3. Popcorn Bucket

Being the Queens that we are, we obviously had to include food in this blog somewhere!

To make this seriously fabulous popcorn bucket, simply scoop out the inside of your pumpkin, ensuring you keep the lid to one side. Then, carefully paint on the stripes just as before. Now painting on the letters might be abit tricky so we recommend using a stencil or painting pens. 

Once your pumpkin bucket is all dry, fill up with a mixture of popcorn and candy....and voila! If your having a girls Halloween night in, your sure to blow your squad away with fabulous movie treat!


4. Cat Lantern

Okay now we know we said this blog post wasn't about carving, but this design was just to cute to miss out!

As with every design so far, you'll need to paint your entire pumpkin in one colour. Of course you could leave it orange, but here at CL HQ, we're totally on board for painting anything pink.

Lightly draw on tiny cat heads, ensuring they are evenly spaced. The super carefully cut around the templates. Once the template is cut, just gently neaten up any edges. Once your happy with your pumpkin design, simply pop and candle in and light! Being autumn, we think using a cinnamon or apple scent is perfect. 


Written By Lizzie Robinson