4 Juicy Fruit Snacks

The suns out and us gals our sat at our desk dreaming of ice lollies, cocktails and catching a bad ass tan! With summer fast approaching we’re ready to put the heavy snacks aside and reach for something sweet and fruity.

So whether you gals need something for on the go snacking, a sweet treat in the office or the perfect picnic desert, we’ve put together our fave 4 healthy fruit snacks to replace all those cookies and doughnuts....


1. Pink Apple Rings

OMG how delicious do these apple rings look gals!

In exchange for doughnuts we're totally loving these fruity apple rings. So easy to make and they just look so pretty!

To make, grab yourself an apple and your fave yogurt (we choose strawberry obvs) and all the toppings. We're talking berries, granola and a generous topping of honey! 


2. Banana Ice Lollies

Step aside ice cream, we're all about these frozen banana pops!

Not only are they super yummy, they are so cute and adorable and perfect for making with your squad. All you'll need is bananas, pop sticks and chocolate.

To keep these as healthy alternatives, we've opted for dark chocolate...Once you've dipped half your banana in the chocolate, pop them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they have frozen, decorated them in fruit, more chocolate and crushed nuts!


3. Frozen Fruit Sticks 

If your like us gals and you struggle to eat enough fruit in a day, these frozen fruit sticks are perfect for you.

Our easiest snack to make, SO healthy and incredibly moreish, we're totally obsessed with these.

Whether you decide to use fruit juice or water, make sure you cut your fruit nice and small so it fits into your ice cube tray. Pop the stick in before freezing and your ready to go! 

Our top tip would be to use blueberries, strawberries and mint - trust us chicas, it's delicious!


4. Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Is this not the dreamiest breakfast ever!

Not only are these breakfast fruit bowls an absolute foodies dream, but they are perfect for giving you all the Queen energy that you need!  

To make these fabulous bowls, blend up your fruit of choice with plenty of ice to ensure your smoothie stays nice and thick. For your toppings, use chunky pieces of fruit and loads of berries. For you gym bunnies, this is the perfect time to add in your protein powders and super foods!

Once your bowl is full of fruity goodness, it's ready to be enjoyed!



Written By Lizzie Robinson