10 Questions With Indigo Rosee

It's time for another blogger interview gals! This week it's with one of our latest Queens, Tori from Indigo Rosee. Not only is she a total babe and a serious girl boss, but her blog is FAB and we know you gals with love...Her vibe is super chilled and she's been producing some amazing content across her blog and Insta.

Grab a cup of tea and some snacks gals...

What can we expect to see from Indigo Rosee in the next few months?

I think the biggest thing that will be happening in the next few months is blogmas! This is where bloggers post everyday in the lead up to Christmas, and although it will be very time consuming I can't wait to give myself a challenge! Back on my birthday I wrote a list on my blog about what I want to do in the next year and posting everyday was one of them, so that's exactly what I'm doing... hopefully I will succeed. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and I think blogging everyday will really make me and my audience feel festive, almost like an advent calendar. 


What's behind the name Indigo Rosee?

I wish I knew the answer! When I was around 8 I created a fake magazine with my friends at a sleepover, and I named it Indigo Rose. The name always stuck with me and I always thought I would use it if I started a business, but when my blog came about it all just fell into place. I wish I could ask 8 year old me where I got it from! A lot of people ask why I have the extra E and I wish I had a more extravagant story, but it is just because there is another company based in the US called indigo rose and I didn't want to copy them and their social media handles. 


What is the first thing you consider when working with a brand?

Whether I genuinely like them! I am fortunate enough to have a fair few brand opportunities but if they aren’t right for me I will turn them down. Working with brands is fun (and sometimes earns me a little bit of money) but my integrity as a creator is a lot more imprortant to me. If I started advertising brands that I don’t actually like then I wouldn’t feel genuine at all and that not good! I would never collaborate with a brand if I didn’t love them and what they produce. 


With such an amazing blog, do you ever find it a struggle to juggle that and studying?

OH YES! People presume that I am really good at time management and balancing everything but I really aren’t… I manage everything but I don’t know how I do it at all. A lot of early mornings and a lot of coffee! However I am saying this but I love blogging so I can’t complain, I’m so lucky that I can focus my spare time on something I love and not on a part time job that I hate, and I absolutely love that. Juggling everything can be tricky sometimes but as long as you write everything down and actually put your mind to it, I promise you that everything can get done... and bullet journaling is definitely your best friend!


What are your current three blogs to read?

ONLY THREE! That so hard!! I read so many blogs in so many different 'sectors' and I love them all. However if I had to narrow it down.... 

@rhiannaoliviab- she is probably my favourite blogger at the moment, I just love how professional all of her platforms are and her photography is actual goals... I adore her flatlays! She is also a northern blogger (like me) so I really connect with her and I love what she produces. Definitely one to check out! 

@petiteelliee- another well rounded blogger but one who focuses slightly more on beauty. I love how frequently Ellie posts, and I particularly love her Instagram feed... it's so pretty and pink! Her outfit photos are also fab   

@jade.bowler- she's not technically a 'blogger' (she creates YouTube videos) but I'm allowed this one right? Well she is the most well rounded and genuine social influencer I have potentially ever come across, I adore her work and I adore how graciously she has taken to rapid growth online. She constantly inspires me to work harder at college and if I am having an unproductive day I always turn back to her videos to get my mind back on track. Please check her out! 


We would love to see you with a Youtube channel, could this potentially be in the pipeline?

It’s so weird that you have asked that as the day that I am writing this is the day that I uploaded my first ever youtube video. My blog will always be my focus but I feel like it is established now and I wanted something new to challenge myself on. I won’t be uploading too much on there until next year (just as and when... no proper schedule), but I wanted to practice and have a little collection of videos there. Plus I put videos on my blog now already so I might as well upload them to another platform!


What inspired you to start a blog?

I have been watching youtube since I was around 12 so my entire teenage life was surrounded my blogging and vlogging. I have always wanted to give it a go myself but I was too young and school was always a huge factor. I was never a fan of the whole tight knit school environment and I was scared what other people would think as I would have been the only person in my school with a blog. I am so glad I waited as I think I started when I was truly ready! College is so much mor Elsie back and I actually get a lot more support from my peers than I do negative comments, which really does make me happy. 


If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start a blog, what would it be?

Go for it! I can’t express how much blogging has changed my confidence and the amount of experiences that I have had in a year and I would encourage everyone to have a go if it is something that they are interested in. It is very hard work and I think people underestimate how time consuming it is, but it was so rewarding and I couldn't imagine my life without my little blog now. 

I would say that my biggest tip if you were like me and not quite ready to publish them yet would be to just write some posts in private. That way you are experiencing what it is like without the pressure of a following, whilst also leaning your style. Once you finally click publish you will feel a lot more established already as you have built up your writing and photography confidence. If you do start a blog or YouTube channel please let me know and I will certainly support you, I love finding new accounts that I love!


How do you feel about the way in which Youtubers and Vloggers are portrayed by the media?

Its getting better but I still don’t think it is particularly positive, social influencers are given such a hard time! On one hand, the media is saying that blogging isn’t a ‘proper job’ and really being harsh to you tubers/bloggers, but at the same time they are chasing them around with a camera trying to get photos of them for the paper. I miss the 2013 YouTube days where social influences were our little secret and the mainstream media hadn't even really paid any attention. 

I think its particularly disgusting that some youtubers feel unsafe in their home now because the media have released their address, its not fair and everyone should have a private life. Just because people share their life online, it doesn't mean that the followers own their entire life. At the end of the day people only share what they want to share, sometimes its only 1% of their day!


Current fave CL products?

Oooh I love so much, it's so hard to pick! I have the marble MacBook skin on my laptop and I absolutely love it! I’m always on my MacBook ether blogging or studying so it gets a lot of love, and I always tend to get compliments on how pretty it is. 

I also love the new products that you have brought out recently but I haven’t had the chance to purchase any yet, I’m definitely going to pick up one of the makeup bags as I do a fair bit of travelling and I need a nice new pretty one! Coconut lane is definitely my place to go for my friends Christmas presents this year, as everything is so pretty and my style.