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    As we all know, it’s super important to keep our prized possessions protected at all times and this most certainly includes our phones. For all you Clumsy Huns and Cautious Chicas who need to give your tech that little bit extra protection, it’s time for us to introduce you to our Phone Ring Collection! PS - all of our Phone Rings match with our Phone Cases, what better way to become a true co-ordinating queen? 
    So, what’s so great about Phone Rings? Not only are they a fun way to personalise your phone, they give you better control as you use it! Security and instagrammable selfies go hand in hand, huns - no smashed phone is going to give you likeable pics for the gram! Time to get technical, our Phone Rings are 360 degrees rotatable, 180 degrees foldable and even double up as a handy stand - perfect for watching your fave shows on Netflix! What more could you possibly ask for…
    We’re all about self expression here at Coconut Lane which is why we’re proud to offer you our Phone Rings in a range of unique prints to suit everyone! Feeling wild? Check out our Khaki Leopard and Gold Leopard prints. Chic and sophisticated style your thing? You’ll absolutely love our Monochrome Spots, Nude Abstract and Marble prints. All about animals? We gotcha! Try our our Giraffes and Pink Dachshund prints. Mix and match your Phone Rings with our Phone Cases - matching or not, your tech is about to become the most stylish señorita about town.  
    Knowing that your all-important tech is protected and safe during your day to day activities will make your life hassle and worry-free! It’s even better when your protected tech stands out from the crowd, right huns? Don’t forget to tag us on your socials so we can see your Phone Rings in action! #CoconutLane