MacBook Cases

    At Coconut Lane we know the age old mantra ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ is a real thing! So, we want to make sure your MacBook not only looks amazing but is kept scratch-free and fabulous so you can get that ££ whilst also looking FRESH.

    Our MacBook cases will protect your MacBook from accidental damage and scratches. Meaning when it’s time for an upgrade, your laptop looks as good as when it first came out of the box! 

    In the meantime, no one wants to carry around a clunky, boring looking laptop case. Instead, personalise your tech with one of our MacBook cases that come in a wide range of patterns, prints and colours to suit all styles and personalities! The rubberised texture also ensures a good grip, meaning you’re far less likely to drop it.

    With Snap-On Installation they are also super easy to add and remove, meaning you can change up your look weekly or even daily if you want to! As well as easy installation, every MacBook case has space for ports so that you can connect external hard drives and anything else that you need.

    Having doubts? Managed to live a damage-free life up until now? We admire your bravery, but you should know that you’re just tempting fate. One day you’re going to find yourself with a broken laptop and the only way to get by will be by using your parents’ ancient desktop. We don’t want that for you!

    Knowing your all-important tech is protected and safe just makes the transportation of your device hassle and worry-free. The commute to and from work will be less stressful knowing that any knocks on the train or bus are going to be absorbed by our high-quality cases. Also, your case is sure to stand out from the crowd so there will never be a mix-up at the office! Whether you've got inquisitive toddlers, a grumpy cat or simply some clumsy tendencies, having a protective hard cover on your MacBook will give you that essential peace of mind.

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