Guest Post: 5 tips for organising the perfect virtual brunch

Although your favourite restaurants and cafés are currently closed, there's no reason why you can't recreate the experience with your loved ones at home. Here, Kate Cartwright from Burleigh Pottery shares her tips for organising the perfect virtual brunch.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just feel like treating yourself, hosting a brunch for your friends and family can be the perfect occasion to get everyone together. And, although you can't currently gather under one roof or pop along to your favourite restaurant or café, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. You can easily organise a virtual lunch or breakfast event to
spend time with your nearest and dearest.

Below are my tips for hosting your own virtual brunch.

Choose a date and time

The first step to organising your virtual brunch is deciding on a date and time. Remember that you'll need to plan far enough in advance that everyone has time to buy ingredients. At least a week is usually enough time to prepare, but you might like to confer with all of your invitees to find a time that you're all free.

Then, choose which platform you'll host it on. Whichever app you decide to use, you can send out an electronic invite containing the link to join the event. You might also want to include instructions on how to join to avoid any technical difficulties on the day.

Plan the menu in advance


The main focus of any brunch is the food, so it can be a good idea to plan your menu in advance. If you'd like everyone to eat the same dishes then consider making something that everyone will enjoy, taking into account any dietary requirements, as this is a nice gesture that won't go unnoticed. Make sure you choose ingredients that will be easy to find in a supermarket.

Consider picking out a brand-new recipe that you can all try out together and discuss during your virtual brunch. You could also take inspiration from your usual brunch spots by recreating your favourite dishes. Why not set up your call a little early so you can all cook along together?

Once you've decided on your menu, send it out along with your electronic invite, making sure you include a shopping list and recipe instructions.

Dress for the occasion

A brunch is always a special occasion, and it gives you the perfect excuse to put on your favourite outfit and dress up to stay in. Whether you choose to go fancy, smart-casual, or stay in your pyjamas, make sure your guests are kept informed of the dress code so you can all match.

If you're organising your brunch for a special occasion, why not coordinate your outfit to the event? For example, if it's someone's birthday you could all dress in their favourite colour.

Set the table


Once you've organised all of the essentials, such as your date, time, and menu, your next step is to consider where you're going to host your virtual brunch. Find a quiet, well-lit place in your home that will be free of distractions but will have a good Wi-Fi signal.

You'll also need space to lay out your special brunch. Your dining room or kitchen table might be good options, but you could also consider hosting your brunch on your coffee table or a fold-up table in your living room.

No matter what kind of table you eat your brunch off, consider setting it properly with a plate, bowl, teapot, and teacup and saucer in your favourite patterns to make the occasion feel more special. Why not also add a bunch of fresh flowers in a jug?

Once you've set the table, all that's left to do is set up the video call on your laptop, tablet, or phone. You can get a range of iPad Cases that double up as stands, so you can keep your camera sturdy during your brunch call.

Keep the conversation flowing

Virtual gatherings can take some getting used to, especially if your loved ones aren't familiar with the technology yet. So, to keep things relaxed and running smoothly, you might want to prepare some conversation starters. Simple questions are often the best, so consider asking if anyone has seen any good TV shows recently or has read any books they'd recommend.

You could also plan a small activity to do together such as a quiz. This can be a great option if you're planning your brunch for a special occasion such as a birthday, Mother's Day, or anniversary, as you can theme all your questions around the event.

Organising a delicious virtual brunch is the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones. By following the tips above, you can ensure your event goes by without a hitch.