This week for Glow Up January our focus is all things skincare. Whether you’re a water and a flannel gal, or a 10-step routine lover, we’ve got some tips to help you glow up your skin the right way.

Remove ALL of Your Make-Up

However you choose to remove your makeup, be it with a cleanser and a flannel, micellar water, a makeup wipe or a combination of all of the above; it’s important to thoroughly remove all of your makeup before starting your skincare routine. Leaving residue will clog up your pores and pave the way for breakouts, it will also prevent your skincare from working as it should. Take a peek at our Make-Up Bags, perfect for keeping all your makeup and skincare essentials in one place.

Clean your Makeup Brushes Regularly

This brings us nicely to cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. We should be washing our makeup brushes as often as we wash our pillowcases. Both things come into contact with your face every day so should be cleaned to prevent bacteria build-up. To wash your brushes just use lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo (baby shampoo works well), once cleaned, lay them flat and allow to dry naturally.

Protect Yourself from The Sun

Essentially, the more exposure to the sun you have the quicker your skin will age. As our face and hands experience the most exposure to the sun all year round we should be using a factor 50 SPF every single day to minimise the damage.

Treat Your Skin Gently

That means no harsh exfoliants, chemicals or scrubbing. A gentle exfoliator used once a week should be plenty enough to promote skin renewal. When drying your skin, gently pat it do not scrub the water off. When choosing which products to use on your skin the most gentle ingredients are always best - an overcrowded ingredient list is always a red flag.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Apart from applying your creams and make-up, try to avoid unnecessarily touching your skin as much as possible. Leaning on your hand, and picking spots or scabs will all lead to worsening issues and irritation so try to reduce how often you touch your skin.


Keeping your skin plump, hydrated and glowing starts from within. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to keep your skin at its healthiest. A good way to start this habit is to try to drink 250ml of water to start your day. Our stainless steel water bottles are the perfect way to help you get started on this. Holding 500ml and keeping your water cool for up to 24 hours, you’ll be hydrated wherever you go - no excuses!

Happy glowing x

Face roller with ice