New Year, New YOU! Now that the holiday season is over it’s time to focus on ourselves. Time to reset, re-energise and reach new goals. 

Enter: 'Glow Up' January. After all the celebrations, we all need a little time to Glow Up. Each week, over on our Instagram and here on our blog, we’ll focus on different ways to ‘Glow Up’. This first week is dedicated to fitness and well-being. 

Here are a few ways you can work on your fitness and well-being this month:

Exercise Daily 

Our sister brand Cocopup is running a walk your dog challenge throughout this month so be sure to check out their Instagram to get involved with your hot girl walks. But even if you’re not a dog walker, try to get yourself moving every single day this month. Did you know even 10 minutes of walking a day comes with a bunch of health benefits? And with youtube, there are millions of workout videos out there for every capability level so even if you’re not feeling the gym there are so many alternatives. Plus an hour a day to exercise also means an hour a day to focus on yourself which will improve your mental well-being and help you fight off those January blues.

Weights and skipping rope on a pink gym mat



Eating a healthy and balanced diet does much more than just help you improve physical appearance. Healthy foods are good for your soul and have proven positive effects on our cognitive function. Equally, if you’re looking to hit fitness goals, diet is 80% of this, so do your research or talk to an expert and you will hit those goals much faster. But hey, let’s not completely cut out all our favourite yummies, shall we? 

kiwi's in bowl



A healthy sleeping pattern makes such a difference to your well-being and your fitness. Not only will you have more energy and find focusing much easier, but your body will have more recovery time if you are working out and therefore you will hit your goals faster. There is a fine balance for how much sleep you should get as everybody is different so find what works for you. If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep, try to switch off all technology an hour before you plan to sleep, invest in some sleep spray (chamomile and lavender are amazing soothers), and why not try starting a book? 

Pug sleeping with soft toys


Stay Motivated 

Always easier said than done but too often we fall into the trap of setting goals but not sticking to them. To keep yourself motivated make sure you set achievable checkpoints to hit throughout this month to keep yourself on track. When you start implementing anything new into your routine figure out your ‘why’ and what you’re hoping to get out of it then whenever you feel you’re struggling you can remind yourself of why you started, and your end goal. Our weekly planners are the perfect way to keep you on track weekly so you can set yourself weekly achievable tasks to help you reach your overall goal.

Join us next week for your next instalment of Glow Up January when we’ll be talking all things SKIN.