10 Questions With Oh So Femme

With so much love for our Queens, us gals at CL HQ thought it was only right to share how fabulous they are with you through our NEW monthly Blogger Interview!

Our Queens will be answering all those questions we’re dying to know, sharing advice and giving tips on how to live that blogger life!

Our first Queen who is not only an absolute babe, but has the most gorgeous Instagram and the dreamiest of fashion hauls is Ashlee from Oh So Femme….


1. What can we expect to see from Oh So Femme in the future?

Immediate future I have a few things lined up, I am currently working on a campaign with West Coast Cooler NI as part of their Style Squad Team.  I have new upcoming collaborations with a few well known companies and a little trip to a brands HQ later this month.  I also am working on a project at the moment and hoping it will be up and running in the new year 2018. 


2. What is the first thing you consider when working with a brand?

As soon as I receive an email from any brand and before I reply back I will always have a quick run through their website and see does it match my personal taste, if it doesn’t reflect me, my style or my personality then I will politely decline.  As my followers follow me because of me being me, being real then I need to stay true to myself and I will only collab or work with brands that I love and can see me working with passionately.  If you aren’t going to be passionate about a brand you are working with then you’re work ethic will not be at its optimum.


3. Who or what would be your dream brand to work with?

Oh gosh there are so many brands I love, I am not loyal to one brand, I love all the big high street names like Topshop, H&M, Zara and online boutiques like Missy Empire, Misspap, In The Style, Missguided etc and of course I love Coconut Lane!!.. If I had to pick one though it would be Zara mainly because they don’t do collaborations with bloggers, none that I have seen yet so because I love to break the mould Zara would be my dream.


4. With such a loyal fan base, do you ever feel the pressure of being a positive role model?

Being honest I did feel the pressure a couple of months ago, watching what I said as to not offend anyone at all.  I have all ages that watch me on snapchat from 4 years old to 70+.  But I felt myself trying to be perfect and therefore not being myself because no-one is perfect and I just decided one day to not care anymore, stick to being myself because its the only way I know how to be, I might not please everyone but I am being the best version of me that I can possibly be and I think to be a great blogger you need be confident and happy to be yourself at all times, that's why you’re fan base love you.


5. How do you cope with online hate and what advice would you give to others?

 Online hate fortunately does not happen that often for me, but I do get the odd nasty comment on youtube usually about something I can’t change like my voice haha.  But my advice is do not worry about the haters because as I have learnt the haters that write comments are the ones attracting traffic to your social media channel and therefore boosting your following.  Haters only hate because they aint you.  Remember you have family and friends that will always have your back and the love and support from them will always overpower any hate and negativity from people you don’t know.  And most times I have found that my haters did not think I would reply and then they apologise later for their outbursts as they have taken their bad day out on you.


6. Are there any Youtubers you would love to collaborate with?

YESSSSS Imogenation, Holly Boon, Jordan Liscombe and Misha Grimes, they all look like such lovely gals and I can’t stop watching them!!


7. With such fab hauls, who would you say is your go to fashion brand? And how would you describe your style?

HAHA I know this one straight away…. Zara is my go to fashion brand for something quirky and different but also at a good price.  I always end up buying from Zara when I am not doing hauls on blogger mail items.  My style is feminine (hence for the Femme in Oh So Femme) but not girly, Im a Casual but dressy girl, I love sports luxe, mom jeans and oversized tees, shirts and jackets.


8. If you could give one piece of advice for starting a channel, what would it be?

If its your lack of confidence drop that now and jump straight into the deep end, find out what you are passionate about and focus on that, find out whether you like writing or voicing your opinion and then go for it but remember and this is my biggest piece of advice please be true to yourself and honest, you dont have to please everyone and like everything and your fan base will respect you more and listen to you more when you are YOU.


9.How do you feel about the way in which Youtubers and Vloggers are portrayed by the media?

There are negatives and positives, sometimes people are idolised and then sometimes the social media can be used as a tool for a form of bullying which is so wrong.  I think its nice and great to see when girls uplift other girls, there are so many bloggers, Youtubers, Vloggers these days but that doesn’t mean there is no more room for the newbies because constantly everyday there are new brands emerging too, theres plenty for everyone in this world. 


10. Current fave CL products?

Loveee the marble art Mac covers which I still need to get and the wall art prints from coconut lane, total gal power positivity quotes, I love it!!  Also eyeing up the cute lil unicorn print and donut print socks for the wintery season coming in, I can’t go to bed without my socks!

Ashlee xxx



10 Questions With Oh So Femme